The Yamato Brewery sources only the purest water from the deep recesses of the sacred Mt. Sefuri, located in the Saga region of Japan’s Kyushu Island.

Our foundation dates back to brewing sake in the year 1640, when Kinzo Tanaka was named hizentoji, the region’s sake specialist and maker to the feudal castle.

Thirteen generations of family members have passed on their traditional brewing methods and ancient techniques of creating Yamato’s award-winning sake from Saga No Hana (flowering Saga rice), a premium rice variety grown by our local sake rice farmers, who lovingly and carefully nurture their annual harvest.

The centuries-old Yamato Sake Brewery has a distinct heritage. 1640, the year of inception for Yamato, is the same year in which the famed poetic local Japanese samurai, Miyamoto Musashi, began writing his wellknown and beloved masterpiece, “The Book of Five Rings,” which has been used through time as a manual of technique and philosophy of how to achieve excellence and success.

These are both traits that are embodied and embraced by the Yamato Sake Brewery.