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Daiginjo IWCのコピー

Daiginjo YAMATO

This gorgeously sophisticated sake has an attractive aroma and richly smooth texture.
It was the winner of Japan Sake Association’s 2013 gold medal, as the event’s highest rated sake.
It was also awarded the gold medal at the coveted International Wine Challenge (IWC) in 2016,
and is now available in extremely limited production.


Junmaiginjo Bottle large small

Junmaiginjo YAMATO

This refined mild-tasting sake boasts a silky smooth sweetness
and is exquisitely well-balanced with a strong body and pervasive elegance.

Junmai Bottle


Junmai is a very pure and alluringly powerful, slightly dry sake.
You can thoroughly appreciate and enjoy the purest rice and the splendor of perfected ingredients and water.
It was the gold prize winner at several high-profile sake tasting events in 2014.